Exhibition at the Sri Lankan Embassy Vienna 12/Dec/2012

Exhibition: Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans

Date: Wednesday, 12/12/2012

Venue: Embassy of Sri Lanka, 1040 Vienna, Austria

More than 200 guests were treated to an exhibition of ‘Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans’ by Raki Nikahetiya as part of the “Sounds and Flavours of Sri Lanka” event hosted by the Sri Lankan embassy in Vienna.

This exclusive viewing offered an unrivalled insight into the myriad of images that epitomise the diverse landscape and culture of Sri Lanka.

Clear blue surf breaking onto palm fringed golden beach. Bustling and dynamic modern urban space. Lush velvet tea plantation overlooking wispy silver cloud forest.  Richly coloured antiquities glinting through dry earth. White sand shimmering beneath a tranquil topaz lagoon. Highland grassland. Tropical rainforest. Beautiful, distinct, unique.

The exhibition captured the threads of art, language, belief and love that the people of Sri Lanka have forever intertwined around an evolving backdrop. The collection of prints explored the interface between religion and culture, man and nature. Images of the opulent Perahara procession, delicate Kandyan dance, steady silhouette of the Galle Lighthouse, thousand year old frescoes of Sigirya or colourful statues tucked into the Temple of  Dambulla all tell a story, and offer an opportunity to reflect, grow and discover.

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