Exhibition Gallery & Website Launch at Odaada 18-20 January 2013

Over 250 people battled through Vienna’s snow covered streets to attend the launch of the exhibition “Sky, Sea, Land, Life: An Introduction to the Art of Rakiography” held at gallery Odadaa on 18th – 20th January 2013.

The exhibition unveiled a fine selection of photos from the newly launched hub www.rakiography.com against a backdrop of cocktails, revelry and golden age jazz. In his address to the crowd of diplomats, journalists, photographers and artists assembled at the opening night, Raki Nikahetiya outlined what Rakiography means and why it was built: “After a lot of thought, I felt that this whole process of shooting, editing, printing, exhibiting, sharing photographs was more than just photography. I somehow wanted to coin a term that would go beyond the simple process of pressing a button… creating a two way process where a community experiences these images and takes their own interpretations away with them – that’s way bigger than me and my camera; and so we made up a word.”

Guests welcomed into Gallery Odadaa were offered a hand stamped map and programme to guide them around the world of Rakiography. “The selection of work that I’m exhibiting here is split between two different rooms”, Raki said. “We witness a series of epic backdrops adorning the main space - but it doesn’t stop there. Against the macrocosm, we see a speck, a figure, a streak …. a story on it’s own. A story, a journey, a moment, building up the layers of history and humanity”.

In between visits to a pop-up Shop and Cocktail Bar, guests explored the fourth component of the Rakiography hub, Life, in an adjacent space. “Here, we are reaching down into the noise of everyday life and we capture a moment”, Raki explained. “A gesture, an expression, a movement, a pattern, all begin to tell a story to each viewer.”

After this brief Introduction to the Art of Rakiography, what next? Raki was upbeat for the future: “This year is going to be the year of Rakiography. More exhibitions. More photos on the website, and Facebook page, the launch of Twitter, more puzzle pieces put together. Like the branches of the tree we see stamped onto every programme, photo and postcard tonight – each branch comes together to form a cohesive whole. That is Rakiography. Personal, yet universal.”

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